Money Maze Bank

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We all have that “difficult-to-buy-for” person in our lives. So this year, why not wrap a gift card or cash into a challenging puzzle which would be fun and challenging to open? You can place cash, checks, gift cards, lottery tickets, event tickets, jewellery or other small items inside the box and lock the door. Then watch as the recipient is forced to solve the puzzle by navigating the steel ball through the multi-level maze to unlock the gift.  

The Money Maze Bank is an Easy and Fun Tool you can use at home, the Beach or in the Yard. It is great and pretty challenging.

The Money Maze Bank is the best among other similar puzzles with its marvelous idea and design. It is not that difficult to solve.

Key Features

· Holds cash, checks, gift cards and small gifts 

· Easy To Make A Deposit, Just Try To Make A Withdrawal using your brain

· Coin slot for use as a money bank

· Recipient Must Solve The Maze To Unlock Clear Acrylic Box

· Measures 3.5"w x 3.5"l x 3.5"h and weighs just a little ounces

· Clear, transparent plastic construction

You can make your gift memorable and interesting using the Money Maze Bank tool. It’s a Perfect tool for little kids and adults and encourages socializing and competition!

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